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If I Were Gm For A Month


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I my world I'm the Falcons GM for a month.

I would trade Roddy, Turner and Robinson while you can get value for them. (draft picks only)

I would resign Abe as soon as possible before the market became to expensive.

I would sign Igor Olshansky to help Abe on the other side(high motor guy).

I would move Ray inside at tackle on passing situations(see the Giants)

I would resign Brent Grimes.

I would do everything I could to sign Carl Nicks and Demetrius Bell.

I would release Sam Baker,Jerry, Peterson, Schillinger, Decoud, Kelly and a few others.

I would sign Vincent Jackson, Brandon Lloyd and resign Harry Douglas.(Imagine that core with Julio)

I would force Meier to bulk up 30 to 40 lbs to play a hybrid Tight End/Receiver role to create match up problems. (Let's face it he has great hands but to slow to out run a corner)

I would have my draft board in place ready to take the top corner and or defensive end.

I would extend Matt's contract with up front money and back load it for cap help.

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You would be fired.

Why would I be fired. I think moving players while you can still get value for them is key. Finding a solid defensive end is very hard so you keep those guys. Otherwise I think having draft picks coupled with free agents, the Falcons could be in the Superbowl next year.

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Unless you get 4 draft picks for Roddy White, you just wasted a trade because we traded for Julio so we could have them together. Otherwise, that trade is pointless. No one would trade for Dunta Robinson with his contract and lack of production and regardless of the fact that Turner lead the NFC in rushing, you wouldn't get better than a third rounder for him based on his age and the number of carries he's had over the last 3 seasons.

And how exactly will you be affording 3 number 1 receivers and Harry Douglas? Vincent Jackson will cost at least 6 million a year if not more, Lloyd lead the league in receiving yards in 2010 and would demand a significant contract as well. Then you would try to sign, probably, the best Guard available in free agency? I don't know if you've heard but there is a salary cap. And you want to sign the guy that the Dolphins waived midway through the season, Olshansky, to be the guy that saves our pass rush???

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