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Submit Your Questions To D-Led On Twitter To As Koetter Tomorrow At 11 Am

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Yall, don't be d*ckheads either. Half of the fans are already running Grimes out of Atlanta by bashing his wife. I know DLed will censor them but seriously. There is a @****MikoGrimes account already. Do you think that's what is going to convince Grimes to stay?

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Does anybody know if this will be a press conference or if he is just talking to a few reporters off camera? Will the Falcons wait and have one press conference after they hire a DC?

I sure hope we hear something today on the DC. Surely Spags is back from vacation.

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He is on the phone now with reporters. Here is the twitter link for details.


Koetter: I'm thrilled. This is a chance for me to work inside a great organization with a tremendous coaching staff led by Mike Smith

Koetter: No-huddle will certainly be a part of the offense. Not sure what percentage it will be.

Koetter: One of my first orders of business when I get there is to watch film. I'm looking forward to watching all 16 games.

Koetter: You can tell Matt (Ryan) understands offensive football. I couldn't be more excited to work with Matt.

Koetter mentions the addition of the screen game as part of his offense, something the Falcons didn't utilize much last year.

Koetter: Offense is always going to be dictated to some extent by your personnel. One of the hardest things for a team to defend is balance.

Koetter: I'll be extremely dedicated to the task at hand and I understand the task at hand.

Koetter: I've got to come in there and just do the best job I can to make people be the best they can be.

Koetter: Are we going to be a vertical passing team? Are we going to be a no-huddle team? To be successful you have to be able to do it all.

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