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Welcome To Atlanta Dirk Koetter!

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Welcome to Atlanta Dirk Koetter, and thank you beforehand for giving our forum members someone to bash besides Mularkey before we even see what you can do here. rolleyes.gif

J/K guys and gals, but seriously let's just wait and see what the guy can do IF TD can somehow fix the offensive line problems that I think are all too obvious. If we can do that there is no reason (excuse) for this guy not taking us to that "next level" we keep hearing about, but seem so reluctant to reach.

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Why? Explain this please? WTF are you talking about? Schemes and play calls have everything to do with the players you have to utilize them with. I know next to nothing about this coach, that is with the exception of the remarks and things I have heard here by others on these forums. Give the man a chance before you condemn him. He might just know a little bit more than us considering he has made a living doing what he does.

Pay him no mind. He has nothing better to do.

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