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I Saw This When Mm Left


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I was looking over there to see if those guys hated us for that trade. Welp some probably did. But 5 DAYS AGO!!!!!!!! they said it would be a swap.


They who last first laugh last.... Looks like they will get their revenge on us.

here is what they where saying:

1st person) why does it have to be an "if he goes to The Jags" scenario? - They can have him no matter where Mularkey goes

2nd person) I thought Mike Smith was a good coach....Is he that dumb to want to try out Koetter???? Try getting someone that can help you outscore your chief rival in the NFC South the Saints. Koetter is not the right coach to help them do that. I'm just glad we don't have to watch this brand of football (If Schottenheimer, Mularky, isn't hired.). It's worse than 3yds . and a cloud of dust because he does the same thing over and over again. No innovation, no trick plays, no creativity on offense..It's just bland.

3rd person) MJD up the middle, MJD offtackle, MJD screen/ or slant pass....PUNT.

4th person) I just didn't think Koetter utilized what he did have. He could have opened up the playbook to me once JDR was let go. He showed us the same thing the weeks after JDR was let go...which isn't very much. Whoever hires him will most likely see the same playbook we've seen this year.

5th person) Almost an even trade imo..

5 days ago they where saying we would do this. No other team i can think of have been linked to this guys name or has sent out requests to talk to him.

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