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Tough Choice. Would You Give Up Grimes For A Good Oline Fa?


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Of course we have other FA concerns so we cant spend the farm on any 1 FA and will likely lose Grimes anyways. But if you saw we lost Grimes in 1 days and Signed a respected Oline man the same Day would you be happy or mad we gave up 1 of our best D players?

Considering our needs on D. Is it worth it?

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I'd prefer to give him up for a good D-line so the lack of a good corner won't be so abundantly obvious.

Yes Sir a DT or DE please we've been dodging it for 2 years now we need a replacement for Abe or a game changer inside..

The only O-line position I want soughted this off season is LT...With regards to G the draft or someone we have has to step up but the key position along the o-line that really needs to be remedied is LT not RG.

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The main goal this off season is to get at least 2 to possibly 3 new starters on the offensive line. The only guys safe right now are Blalock and Clabo. There are some big boys in the draft to consider. Carey, Mckenzie, Mcglynn are three guys that can fill a spot on the offensive line as well. Carl Nicks can be added to the list.

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