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Probably and after realizing he is burnt toast he would bench his sorry @ss and start potential upcoming starters such as Franks and Walls.

Dunta doesn't get burnt in press coverage. Doesn't really get burnt in zone. Ppl tend to put it on Dunta alot but William Moore isn't where he's supposed to be ALOT and Dunta doesn't throw his team mate under the bus. That'a the problem with zone. Looking at the game it falls on the corner but most times it's the safety out of position when the corner releases the wr and tries to run it out. Not saying it doesn't happen cause it happens to every corner. Just not as much to Dunta as ppl try to say. That's the reason Smitty brought in Sanders to challenge both Moore and Decoud.

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Got an extra seat for me!! I can't wait to see this defense playing agressively!!! There is no way he'll let Smitty force him to play that soft zone crap..He's too big of a personality and has won a Super Bowl. It's going to be an interesting dynamic for smitty to have a Coordinator w/ WAAAYY more credentials than he's got!!!!!

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