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Someone On Twitter Reporting Rumor On Spags To Falcons Over Phi

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As I mentioned in the first post, this is all SPECULATION, not a "confirmed source".

I'll take your word for things if you can provide the following:

1) You "predicted" things previously like this guy has; ie the Julio Jones trade-up. So clearly hes doing good on his "guesses"

2) You provide a statement that has a LOGICAL reason to it; IE the deal of Spags to Philly was never finalized because he wants the AHC tag, and Morningweig has it in Philly.. THEREFOR the Falcons have a bargaining chip over Philly for Spags' services. Weither it is true or not, it makes sense. It is Plausible.

3) When you are FOLLOWED on twitter by Jay Adams and Ledbetter. Sure, not big names, but this guy isnt just some random poster with 5 posts talking out of his butt..

So yes, while I never said this is a CONFIRMED REPORT, the guy is more credible than you or swift and your reports from Monday. Infact, the latest report on NFL.com about Spags is talking about him and Atlanta, nothing about Philly.

Whatever works for you. This is who you are following.laugh.png I wasn't trying to give you a hard time but would you listen to a salesman at Nissan or the guys who get paid to talk about it for a living?


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