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Why Did That Go Over Your Head?

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This has been accumulating for some time and I figured now with the offseason upon us, and "the blame" being pointed every-which way, throughout the organization. But, the amount of blame being pointed towards the offense sans the offensive line is absolutely bewildering.

Perhaps to the casual football viewer, one looks at the QB as the first and last measure of success - or failure. The QB is the typical centerpiece of an offense. I understand that. Also, perhaps, the casual football viewer - or Falcons fan - will look at the "Julio Jones Exchange" and... well, you know. I've also seen people mention Turner and his "slow speed" and "weight issues", neither of which are a problem when he's got the running lanes to move through.

Which brings me to my point:


How could so many people jump to blame players whose success depends on the success in the trenches? What is your damage? Why did such basic football knowledge go right over your heads?

Let us take our QB for example. Let us say he can consistently make throws the second he finishes his drop-back and a defense already on him after walking through a completely collapsed offensive line.

His receivers are only 5, maybe 8 yards down field - still covered by defense-man.

How on earth are we to expect fully-fleshed out plays to be completed? BIG, EXPLOSIVE plays for that matter? Even if our QB were to just toss it down field the moment he has the ball in his hand, by the time it reaches the receiver's area there are multiple defense-man ready, on him.

Let us go back to Turner, who according to some, needs to call Jenny Craig. ANY tailback needs lanes to run. Why should it be any different for ours? Turner has never changed, his acceleration has always been the same style. When he's winnin', we're all singin'. But, when he get choked up at the line of scrimmage, running into the backs of our offensive lineman, we jump to the conclusion that he is slow and overweight. What gives? I understand people are vexed, but why the loss of all reason?

An average quarterback, with an average receiving corps., followed by an average tailback, with a stellar offensive line can be more consistently successful than any team with superstars that depend on a soft, small, lethargic, pathetic offensive line like ours.

Makes me ill.



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