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Brian Billick Seems Like Possible.


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Given a Superbowl? LOL .

you do realize when he got there he brought them up to 8-8 his first season because they sucked. and the next year he took them to the superbowl right? oh yeah but it was given to him though get outta here.

here's a stat.. in his entire time with the falcons MM has 0 playoff wins and the players wanted him gone. /conversation on MM vs Billick find a real argument

I HATE MM...I'm saying as an OC Billick sucked...There are better OC's out there. That's my argument.

Well hate is a strong word, but I couldn't stand watching the Falcons under MM's boring offense game plans.

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Billick would be a very very risky hire! He might help the offense but he could also destroy it! He's always been a guy that has trouble adapting his scheme to his player strength and has a huge ego. If things work out, it could look like a great hire but if things go bad, they will go very very bad.

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Wasn't all that warm to the idea of Billick at first. The guy is brilliant though....does it translate to success in the "current" pass-happy/coddle the Quarterback NFL? Not so sure. Part of me also thinks it might kind of be a conflict of interest since the dude is Smith's brother-in-law. Then again, if Billick flops as our OC...I'm sure they're both out of a job. Definitely believe he'd be able to work with and maximize Ryan's potential more so than the other candidates people are bandying about. Plus, if you can win a Super Bowl with Dilfer...that's some freaking alchemy there!

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