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Brian Billick Seems Like Possible.


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Jason La Canfora of NFL.com is reporting that the Atlanta Falcons are targeting former Baltimore Ravens head coach Brian Billick, among several others, to be their offensive coordinator in 2012.

Hiring Billick would be a brilliant move for the Falcons and Matt Ryan.

Many people forget that Billick was considered to be an offensive-minded coach due to the dominant defenses that the Baltimore Ravens featured in his coaching days.

These days, Billick has a cushy broadcasting job, and it seems like those are tough to turn down (see Jon Gruden). The thing is, the Falcons actually have quite the appeal.

Ryan needs a stabilizing presence in his life and Billick shows the same kind of even-tempered approach we've all seen in "Matty Ice." The two would be a great pair.

One of the more overlooked aspects of what makes a team great is the ability of players to translate their coaches on the field. The offensive coordinator or head coach—whoever is calling the plays—needs to have an almost mind-meld kind of relationship with their quarterback.

Ryan and Billick seem like they fit together like ice cream and chocolate syrup.

Ryan isn't the only toy Billick gets to play with, either. The Falcons have some of the best playmakers in the league at every skill position.

If anyone can redeem the price tag for Julio Jones, it would be Billick. He could design an offense that would utilize the strengths of each of his receivers, much like the one he designed in Baltimore.

Tony Gonzalez has already said he's not done. He'll be back in 2012, and he is always one of the best at his position.

Michael Turner is one of the best running backs in the league, while Jacquizz Rodgers has rare and unique abilities that need a creative mind like Billick's to figure out how to use him.

The Falcons need to do whatever it takes to convince Billick to coach this talented offense.

We could end up with

OC- Bilick

DC- Spags

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The more I think about it, the more likely I'm starting to think it really is being discussed. I'm not necessarily in love with the idea, and I also didn't think there was anyway a Super Bowl winning coach would settle working for his brother in law. I thought this rumor was just lazy journalism, and although LaCanfora has certainly been guilty of that in the past, he works with Billick at NFLN. I don't think he would report it if there wasn't a little credence to it.

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It wouldnt be the same!

When it comes down to it, there wouldn't be a huge difference. Billick loved to pound the rock all game long with his workhorse RB with a conservative passing game. He'd be an improvement over Mularkey, but it would essentially just be a moderately improved form of the offense we've already experienced. I would vastly prefer to get someone who recognizes that this league currently panders to the passing game.

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Wasn't Billick the OC for the Vikes in 98...

Yeah, he was. That's what I keep thinking of. They were on fire that year in the passing game. Randal was chucking it deep to Moss, and Carter was their posession guy. Sort of like what we have in Julio and Roddy. I'm starting to really hope we get Billick here.


They also had a solid run game in Smith, which we have in Turner. Looks like he would have all the weapons he had on the Vikes back then. Another note: they went 15-1 that season.

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