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Mike Mularkey Hired Tom Clements To Be His Oc At Buffalo

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Will repeat

Here's what wikipedia said about Mularkey's reign in Buffalo. The Offense was clicking with mediocre players and Clements at the helm.

"In 2004, Mularkey left the Steelers and was hired by the Buffalo Bills to succeed Gregg Williams as the team's head coach. Mularkey started out his first campaign as Bills head coach with a record of 0–4. He rallied his team to a 9–7 record by the end of the season, however, sparked by a six-game winning streak during which the Bills scored more points than in any other similar stretch in franchise history. Overall they were 7th in the league in total offense. This has been their last winning season to date."

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I know that name Mularkey taints anyone he's ever worked with, but I think in Clements case it's an advantage. Clements undestands how a Mularkey system works, and might be able to make the transition from a Mularkey system smooth. He can take the elements that work while implementing the passing elements that we'd like to see. Screens, more deep routes, routes where the playymakers are on the run. It would really decrease the learning curve of the players if the new guy knows the system he is transitionong from.

I could be wrong, but that makes sense to me.

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