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So Which Free Agent/s Do We Lose To The Jags?

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He will probably want Abe and Grimes (no chance) They have a good LB core I believe so no worry on Lofton to jags. Maybe HD but he was very underutilized he may not want to go there unless he really gets PAID. and maybe hed want McClure or maybe he trades for Baker if he actually likes him

Yea, right.......maybe he'll give us a 3rd for Baker cool.png

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When a coach takes over a team, they more than likely bring in some of "their guys" to help bring in the offense/defense they want to run.

Since Mularkey is now the HC in Jacksonville, which Falcons players do you think will head over to lend a hand in the transition? (Possibly coaches as well)

Sam Baker and Owens. He can take them right now.

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