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Burt Reynolds Is Available


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He once played football at FSU. I think he'd make a really good OC. His laugh is really contagious. I also heard that Ludicrous was a good linebacker. Maybe he'd be good at DC.

Just thought I'd weigh in with my own stupid suggestion, since everyone else is.

Since we are talking some possible insane choices here :

As for Burt for OC : What, Offensive Clown? We've got enough of those on the O-line already.

As for Ludicrous for linebacker, nah maybe DC but then again: Might be good in fantasy land. At least the defense would have good rhythm.

Both Choices give me a laugh either way. Dude, Burt was da man when Smokey and the Bandit 1 come out, nothing better than having a fast car and a hot fast chick like Sally Field, Ahem, well she was hot at the time. ph34r.png

Here's my if I were INSANE replacement OC/DC Candidates, what do ya'll think?

New - If I were INSANE CHOICE OC : Mike Mularkey <---- I said IF! My bad sorry. Snoop Dog!!! Nobody better at coordinating the Puff Puff Pass offense!

New - if I were INSANE CHOICE DC: Brian Van Gorder <---- I said IF! My bad sorry. Charlie Sheen, dude's from mars, nobody could stop his defense. Duh = Winning!

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