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Todays Conference....bottom Line, We Should Move Quick!


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I read that AB,TD & MS will hold a conference in AB's office that will be either live or sent to this site, I live in NY so I depend on this site for info. With the loss' of our DC (ok - he won't take anyone with him, my belief) & the OC, who may take those he feels he can use in JAX, we may be looking at an overhaul. With the number of HC jobs out there, I think we have to move quick, I don't know what their approach is. Will they go after glamour candidates ie. Spags,Jack? Will they go after the "off the radar" types like they did in hireing Smitty & BVClueless? Any rumors? Here's a couple of my dark horses, DC, Doug Plank, he should be interviewed at least, works for Rex Ryan & has a front row seat to Revis Island. OC, either Tom Clements (GB) or Joe Lombardi (think VINCE! from NO), both work with the top 2 QB's in the NFC. QB coach if need, Steve DeBerg great guy & plenty of yrs experience. RB coach if need, there real JA. Either way I feel we should have an advisor with all the changes that will be made. Marty Shott must still have his scenses if he has interviewed with Tampa or break bread with Dan Reeves, both have the resume's. THOUGHTS?????

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