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Why Does Smith Always Look Toward Jax?


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If we chase Dirk Koetter (Jags Offensive Coordinator), I would have to seriously question Mike Smith's ability to intelligently choose a good OC. He would be basically trading one bad one (Mularkey) for another. I also hear that Jack Del Rio would be a consideration to join the Falcons staff. I like Mike Smith, but the pages of the book on him are getting to the meat and potatoes of his coaching career. To constantly dip into the Jags limited bad of personel, Smith is going to end up hanging himself. Here are the people who went to the NFL while under Koetter. Besides Suggs, I see limited talent. Lets smarten up Mike. Oh, by the way, you still didn't explain what the **** happened just before halftime with 3 timeouts wasted.

NFL drafted players under KoetterYear Rd Sel# Player Pos. Team

2002 1 10 Levi Jones T Cincinnati

2002 4 124 Scott Peters C Philadelphia

2002 4 130 Travis Scott G St. Louis

2002 7 248 Kyle Kosier T San Francisco

2003 1 10 Terrell Suggs DE Baltimore

2003 4 106 Shaun McDonald WR St. Louis

2003 4 135 Solomon Bates MLB Seattle

2004 5 156 Mike Karney FB New Orleans

2004 5 158 Jason Shivers FS St. Louis

2005 3 69 Andrew Walter QB Oakland

2005 5 151 Drew Hodgdon C Houston

2005 7 232 Jimmy Verdon DE New Orleans

2006 3 209 Derek Hagan WR Miami

2006 4 250 Jamar Williams ILB Chicago

2007 2 38 Zach Miller TE Seattle

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