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Jaguar Fans In Mourning. Screen Pass Just Murdered In Jax.

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As a fan of the Falcons I can certainly commiserate with fans of other teams whose owners have made bad decisions. While I'm glad that the Falcons have the chance to hire a progressive coordinator I can't help but feel bad for Jax fans.

Pete Prisco's commentary really spells it out....just what was it that made the jaguars pounce so hastily on Mularkey?

Whatever the reason, I certainly empathize with the Jags fans. And while they will probably be better than their recent past (not a hard feat) they will most certainly miss the screen pass and gaining 1 yard on 4th down.

Many folks here wishing Mularkey well. I too wish him well but only for the sake of those Jaguar fans who are on suicide watch tonight.

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