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I read that IF we get a comp pick it will probably be a 6th rd pick.

FA: OT Jared Gaither

2nd: TE Coby Fleener

3rd: DE Chandler Jones

5th: FS Tramain Thomas

6th: OLB Demario Davis

7th: DT Travian Robertson

Comp pick draft

Same players just add CB/S Robert Golden in the 6th rd.

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I think we stick with Svitek and take a LT in 2013. If not and this happens, I would rather them take a 5th round TE with pure receiving skills and marginal blocking skills.

I see we agree on RG potentially being an in house filling, for now at least. But I would rather go DL/S in the second and take the other in the third. We need a DT bad and a pass rushing DE almost as bad (unless the new DC finally plays Sidbury).

I would be happy if we took Barron/Martin/Rambo in the 2nd and then Ta'amu/Short/Crick/Reyes in the third. A guy like Egnew or Provo could be good in the mid rounds to develop.

But I do like the draft you mocked, position wise. I think Chandler is a little tight hipped and that could be a real problem in the NFL but he definitely has potential.

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