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Mel Tucker For Dc


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I would like to have Zimmer as DC but since they didn't keep him when

they first took over, I think Tucker would be a good choice. He's been

a good DC before. And I really hope we don't promote Tim Lewis to

DC. I would also like Hue Jackson as OC but the same applies to

him as Zimmer. But I would definitely get Tucker for DC.

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Haha hawkeye I just posted the same title for Keith Butler.

But I do like Tucker. He is top 5 in my book. He has worked wonders with very little. The one thing I posted in another thread though is that the fans for JAX seem to think he did it with the FA signings and not all him. Who knows? But the fact that he did it is what I like. Plus they downright sucked and were on the field for most games and still ranked 6th. That's impressive regardless.

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We need to get somebody from somewhere else. This is an inbred situation and Smitty

knows what they know in Jacksonville and we still can't get off the field on 3rd and long.

Moreover we are vulnerable for giving up huge chunks of yardage in a down and distance

that should be in our favor.

I don't know much but it appears to me a fresh approach is needed.

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