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Marty Schottenheimer Going To Tampa Bay?

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I do hope so. Yeah, I know there are a lot of Marty fans out there who wanted the Falcons to hire Schottenheimer in 2008 after Petrino jumped ship; I wasn’t one of them, by any stretch.

I mean this with all sincerity: If the Falcons had hired Schottenheimer in 2008 I would have thrown in the towel concerning my season tickets, and perhaps with the Atlanta Falcons altogether. It would have been a sure sign that those running the Falcons franchise had no real plan, just plugging in sparkly parts that were deemed as “safe” - a commitment to mediocrity at best. In my august opinion, Schottenheimer is basically an empire-builder who ran afoul of every team’s management he’s ever been with, causing discourse, but in the end not have any rings to show for it. At least with Mike Smith the Falcons showed their willingness to break with the past and try a new path. (I know: you’re only as good as your last game. Please spare me the drivel about how Schottenheimer might have done better. Yeah, and I might have won the last Georgia Lottery if I had bought a ticket.)

I realize there are other candidates for the Bucs job and that Schottenheimer probably has only an outside chance of getting the Bucs head coaching job. But if the Buccaneers management – or any Bucs fans - see a 68-years old retread as being the savior that will take the Bucs back to the mountaintop, they are only deluding themselves.

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Schittenheimer won't take another head coaching job. He's having too much fun hitting the early-bird special at Morrison's every day, then playing 9 holes at his home in The Villages.


On the old boards, you would have earned about 4 of these, but now, we're relegated to only one "image".......................

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Why do you think we don;t have a Schottenhiemer here in Atlanta. The man doesn't win in playoffs like Marty. If you look at Marty's percentage of wins in playoffs (like around 28%) and never went to SB. I say Bucs go with him. I have no problem. I am only concerned whether we have one too here or not

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