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Is It Strange That I Am Already Over The Loss?

Nerdy Bird

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Usually I am upset for a few days even after a regular season loss, but I an oddly numb about the whole thing. Anyone else feeling this way after what happened on Sunday?

I think I'm kind of in the same boat, it still stings but at the same time, I think I've almost come to expect to be let down so I'm not so surprised anymore. Or maybe it just hasn't hit me that our season is over. I'm just looking forward to some changes and hopefully some upgrades.

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I was over it after half time. i could tell this team was not prepared for the playoffs once again by this piss poor coaching staff. Why Smith has a job today is beyond me, but oh well life goes on.

I was over it mid-way through the third quarter. My wife noticed when I had quit screaming at the TV and I told her "It's over. They just want the season to end."

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I was over it before the game is over...the Falcons have been inept against good teams for some time now, and its pathetic.

I think a combination of coaching changes(which has already started happening), and player lineup changes will be the only things that will help.

Go back and look at roster changes throughout the year...the falcons were far and away had the least # of roster changes throughout the season.

Normally, I would be a huge fan of that...but it obviously breeds complacency, or something, because too many guys are underperforming.

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Guest King Shot

I think it will be this way for a lot of fans. It has finally reached complete and total apathy. The Falcons are the Braves are the Hawks.

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