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This is not a big deal to you or me, but I am having a problem finding any kind of pic to use as an avatar. To be honest, i can't even find a pic I can copy so that I can work on making one.

Please send any help to my email.

Never at home and don't want to lose the help that might be forthcoming.

Any help is appricated.


Also, what happened to spell check for those of us who need a little help?

Not sharpest tool in the shed, but not the dullest either.

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Quick question- It's been well over a year since changing my avatar and I have looked all over my profile page and am unable to change it. I was able to change a picture on my profile but it is not my avatar. Can someone tell me where I need to go, please? Thanks in advance!!

Sounds like you did it right! Sometimes, like for me, I'll change the avatar picture but the new picture won't show up until a bit later. Try going to My Settings>Profile Settings>Change Your Photo. Hope that helps!

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