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San Francisco's Defense Was Built By Mike Singletary Not The Current Regime


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I don't know if I would go that far. Mike Nolan was the head man there when most of these guys were put in place. Singletary was just a linebacker coach.

Not to say he didn't have a hand when he became Head Coach, which was only for 2 seasons by the way, but that roster, that defense and the key signings like Justin Smith, are due to the front office guys like Baalke, and Gamble.

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The 49ers were ranked 4th in total defense this season. Under Singletary, they were ranked 15th and 13th. The previous regimes may have brought some of the players in, but you have to know what to do with them. I would say the schemes Harbaugh is running has a lot to do with their success, and jumping from the middle of the pack to the top of the league.

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