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On The Bright Side: Falcons Owner/gm/head Coach Can No Longer Be In Denial


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Pardon the caps but it upsets me not to see a team get better after such a poor showing since pre- season.

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On the bright side, I think the 24-2 humiliating loss and the total "egg laying" that is the Falcons offense is good.

Had the Falcons "won ugly" or barely lost on the road against the NY Giants, then I think you would have seen a "status quo" offseason with same coaches, etc. going into 2012. Now, I believe the public pressure is much greater that something must be done.

The Falcons are a flawed team - none of us like to admit it but all of us know its true. While there are obvious weaknesses in personnel: Offensive Line, occasional poor QB play by Matty Ice, lack of pass rush and poor play in secondary by Thomas DeCoud and sometimes by Dunta - the bottom-line is this: our offensive and defensive schemes are not up to snuff. Falcons play "not to lose" and Falcons don't play to win. There is nothing aggressive in Falcons schemes and the mentality is very "buttoned down".

Regardless of the outcome yesterday - serious changes need to be made. Now is a critical point in franchise - to stay "status quo" is simply unacceptable.

Thomas Dimitroff and Mike Smith need to get in a room and look at everything objectively. Dimitroff needs to let Smith know where he sees his weaknesses and coaching staff's weaknesses and Smith needs to share with Dimitroff what is needed from personnel standpoint to get to upper echelon. Of course this is probably done every off-season but now the bloom is off the rose - SOMETHING MUST BE DONE....

While it pains me what happened yesterday - I think the end result could be productive if coordinator changes, scheme changes and more offensive line help is brought in.

Yesterday's blowout - if it affects necessary changes - could be a blessing in disguise.

After the the game I thought the same thing. From what I heard, White and Gonzalez had some mistrust issues with Mularkey, calling his game plan too conservative. By playing so piss poor, they made it clear that they want somebody who would have opposing defenses guessing who has the ball

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I agree G-Dawg. That is the only positive we can take from this. The 'stache is already out, and hopefully by Friday, Mularkey will be too. It's going to be an interesting year. I am all for getting Nolan or Spags, but I think it's going to be Del Rio

thanks magicman.

I'm hoping Del Rio's ego is too big to come work for his former defensive coordinator. BVG worked for Mike Smith. Mike Smith worked for Del Rio - they all are defensive coaches that were under same system in Jacksonville. To me grabbing Del Rio means "more of the same".

I want a totally different defensive philosophy and I want Mike Smith to be more of a CEO and not so much involved in the defense. I'm not sure how much he was involved in BVGs defense but considering how different BVG called his defense at UGA (granted on college level), I'm thinking the defensive philosophies were closer to Smith's than BVG.

No, to me "more of the same" would be what the Falcons would get with Del Rio. Please dear God, NOOOOO!!!!!

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I hope Artie Blank does the smart thing and hires someone who is outside of the organization to do an analysis of the team, top to bottom.

Then he can compare it with what Dmitroff and Smitty come up with.

That would be the ideal approach to making the big decisions that are needed ~ an honest assessment by some qualified individual or group who could provide him with a completely professional, unbiased opinion of how to get this team on track to win a Super Bowl. I think AB could probably save a whole lot of money by simply coming to TATF and hiring the brain-trust of Group II as consultants. biggrin.png

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