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So We're A "run First" Team, Huh ? Really ?

Bring It

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We can't be pass first with Ryan but we can't be run first with a regressing Turner. We need a better RB.

no...what we need is a better O-line, an actual LT, and an actual RG. And we need Clabo to get back to his pro bowl form...we sure as **** didnt have that this year...

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bottom line is we had no answers, nothing changed all game, we are who we thought we were with Mularkey running the show...Giants knew it too...

You're absolutely right.

I was listening to the Mike Lupica radio show on ESPN-NY Sirius Radio last Fri. afternoon. He had coach Tom Coughlin on Live for approx. 10 minutes. During the ENTIRE interview Coughlin never mentioned the word Atlanta or the word Falcons once. NEVER. I thought.................how odd......................most coaches always spin away with platitudes on how good the opposition is, how much they respect them, etc. All he talked about is how well prepared the team is and how confident they ALL were to go out on Sunday and take care of business.

He had ZERO worries about the Falcons.


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The truth is that the Falcons WERE a run first team for several years.

With the addition of Julio Jones, they made it clear that they're a team that's trying to morph into the typical pass-first style that the league has adopted. However, when you have a conservative, run-first coordinator like Mularkey calling the plays, that change can't effectively happen. This is why, in just about every game, the offense moves the ball far more efficiently when Matt Ryan's calling the shots in the no-huddle than when Mularkey's calling the plays in from the sidelines. When the QB calls a better game than the OC, something's bad wrong.

Bottom line: Mularkey's in way over his head with the Falcons' current talent and desired direction. The front office won't outright fire him this week as a sheer courtesy move, since he's interviewing for head coaching positions with a few different teams. However, if he's not hired this week, I expect the axe to fall next Monday.

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You've got seven draft picks invested in the quarterback and wide receiver positions. You basically have to pass. The problem is that the offensive line is built to run, and is a pretty bad pass blocking unit. Identity crisis.

It's not very good at run blocking either.

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In my opinion,

Turner is starting to seriously look like "tippy toes Duckett" and why on earth would anyone call a QB sneak with less than a yard to go when you got a 245pound back who can fall forward for that much?

I like Turner, have since he arrived here but....

I personally think the offense needs some serious repair. If it were me I would trash the whole run first attitude and go with what obviously works for all the other playoff teams. AIR IT OUT! create an offense that can do that. 4 or 5 reciever sets. spread the field and keep it spread. even on short yardage. create space even in the backfield and let all of those play makers make plays.

I am personally tired of the same ole blan offense every year. Do what needs to be done to make this team play like a champion. not like a team from the frickin 60's.

I have been and will continue to be a fan of this team but ****.. just ****.. really?

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I never believed the notion this season that the Falcons were a run first team. Not what I saw every Sunday and not what the numbers showed.

No team that is run-first should finish 8th in passing yards, and 17th in rushing with only 114.6 yards a game -- and that number was skewed by the Buc game. Turner bludgeons the Bucs, who had all but quit at that point, and all of a sudden the media says they got the running game back after it had been on a down trend for 4 weeks at less 4 yards a carry. Never bought into it. The line struggled all year to create consistent creases.

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