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Explosion Was The Theme In 2011

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2 freakin points!!

lmfao at this coaching staff and the vanilla schemes on both sides of the ball. How can you get explosion when WR's only run comebacks and outs? When the opposing teams pins their ears back, you cant design and execute a simple screen? Wont take a shot downfield becaude you might get sacked?!?laugh.png

Mike Smith is the poster boy for conseravative, vanilla football.

Please bring in a HC with fire and belief Arthur...

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Identity crisis, Mike Smith is conservative at heart (even though he goes on 4th down a lot, in general he's conservative). He wanted explosion, but you cant have explosion if you're conservative. Mike Smith needs to change his philosophy and also bring in a smart offensive coordinator that can put Matt Ryan in advantageous positions, WR's running routes that aren't so predictable and easy to defend.

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