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Matt Ryan

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I'd actually like to see the Falcons bring in a later round or FA QB who could really push Ryan.....Someone other than an insurance salesman or a never-will-be like John Parker Wilson.

Ryan's current problem is that the ultra-conservative and unimaginative play calling/philosophies of Smith and Mularkey have essentially castrated him. He plays both safe and scared....two things that are deadly in an NFL QB. Combine those 2 unfortunate characteristics with a very average, leaky offensive line and you get what we have.....a gun shy QB who plays scared.

I see the same thing. Only the O-Linr in more than leaky. Heck some games they look like a joke. Turner gets hit way too much behind the line. People say Turner is losing it, Ryan get 1 .5 seconds on a 3 man rush and people think he has all the time to throw the ball. This O-Line is pure junk. Go back and look at the games they played good in. they were not blocking anyone that is above average.

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I'd prefer the rookie QBthat made mistakes to the version that we have now, four years have turned into empty stats for the most part, he could have been the type of QB to put the team on his back but they beat that out of him. Hopefully he can get it back, he has the talent, just has to get his mind right. If he can't it might be time to consider other options in a few years.

He plays "not to make mistakes"......and that's an f'ed up way to play the QB position in the NFL.

We might not ever know what Ryan could be if we don't ever get some coaches with actual nutsacks.

It's painfully obvious at this point that Ryan doesn't have the skillset or the ability to overcome Smith/Mularkey's pizz poor philosophies....game planning.

Not giving Ryan a pass here.....They might be game planning that way because they see his limitations...It's a chicken/egg argument.

It ain't workin', that's all I know.

This is the cold hard truth, guys.. I completely agree.

TD has some work cut out for him.. He has to decide whether Ryan is the QB for this team going forward (which I think he is), and then he needs to find an OC that can maximise his skill set, as well as draw up plays and gameplans that can put us in position to win. At least in position to score ANY points in a postseason game..

I believe in TD, and I believe he is going to cut the cords where he thinks it is necessary.. Then, it will be exciting to find out who he will bring in as the new OC.

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