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The Blame Game: Everybody Deserves A Piece Of The Pie

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Yeah, today was bad. We looked bad, we played bad, and worse of all, not converting not just one 4th & 1, but two 4th &1's is really bad, and the worse of it is we made the Gnats look good. The defense played really well today, but being on the field 35 minutes and having the big bodies of Jacobs and Bradshaw hitting you 28 times tires a defense out and beats them down. In my mind, the offense gets all of the blame for this humiliation and I am not talking just Ryan, Turner, and White, but Murlarky, Smith, and even Dimitroff included. At the end of the 2nd quarter, the Falcons displayed horrible clock management. That is Ryan's responsibility, but I found it funny that Smith did nothing to intervene. At about 8:00 in the 3rd quarter, Falcons had the ball down by only 8 and we go absolutely bonkers pass happy and end up turning the ball over on downs, Murlarky. We were only down by one score and had plenty of time to use Turner still and get easy yards, but no, let's just let Matty chuck the ball all over the field and leave Turner on the bench. Turner had some good runs in the first half, but we abandon him in the second half - a time at which defenses begin to get tired and beaten up.

This is where I point out the blame that Dimitroff gets. We had glaring weaknesses after the Green Bay slaughtering. We couldn't get pressure on Rodgers, we couldn't defend Green Bay's receivers, we couldn't keep Ryan upright, and we couldn't keep up on the scoreboard, and how does TD answer? By trading five valuable picks for one player at a position that we weren't necessarily weak at (We had Roddy at his best, Jenkins, Douglas, and Gonzalez). Julio is a great player and works hard for this team, but FA and the draft was saturated with quality WR. Titus Young, who drafted in the 2nd round, had a great year for the Lions. He also brought in a DE that Jared Allen made look better than he is. Pass rush is not only the DE's responsibilities, you also need DT's. The one that takes the cake for me is the letting go of Harvey Dahl. The Saints and Packers both have proven that a QB with time and feels comfortable in the pocket can do amazing things; Rodgers won the SB and answered that with a 14-1 season and Brees broke Marino's 25+ year old season passing record. Statistically, Matty Ice had his best season and gets better every year. I believe gets some of the blame for the way the season ended, but not nearly as much as most fanatics want to give him. All Matty Ice does is look to better not only himself, but everyone around him. He makes a mistake, he learns from it. He has a weakness, he looks to strengthen it. He's a 4th year QB. Chris Chandler was in his 10th season as a QB before he got the Falcons to the SB in '98. This is still a very young team with a coaching staff that has a lot still to learn. MS needs to learn a little patience and to open up the playbook. This team will be okay and is heading in the right direction. Letting Dahl go is proving to be the mistake of the year for the Falcons. Just need to draft a guard this year and I know the draft will be full of quality players and so will FA. We will learn from this and get better. The Packers had been collecting players for their SB win for over a decade:

Aaron Rodgers drafted in '05

Donald Driver in '99

O-line spans over drafts '00 through '08

Raji was in '09

Matthews in '09

Jennings in '06

Woodson in '98 by OAK picked up by GB in '06

FInley in '08

Nelson in '08

Building a championship winning team normally takes YEARS to develop; it's an overnight deal. When I step back and take a good look at this team, we are about 6 pro-bowl capable players shy of even having a legitimate shot. We need a RG, LT, DT (Peters is developing, but great teams usually have at least 2 legit players at this position), DE, LB, & a CB better than Grimes. Anybody that thought we were going to win SB this year, after having a dismal season, is just setting themselves up to be disappointed.

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fix the defensive line and get back Dahl...we had a great offensive line last year...why da **** u let Dahl go?!?! I said so in pre-season, and seems like everyone was ok with it. I've been calling for a defensive end for the past three or so years to help out Abraham. Was mad as **** we let Allen go to Minny when we let Kerney go (the Kerney release was one of the worst imo...he had an mvp year the following year)

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