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Sorry That Some Of You Are Hurting So Bad Over This


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The problem is that an offence probably needs time to gel into a system - I think it is time for an OC that is going to be more expansive and spread it out a bit, but I'm not convinced someone will be able to get that kind of offence firing on all cylinders in the space of one season - how many people on this board would be ok that? I think I know the answer already!

I don't think the defensive coach can have too much criticism after today's game. 24 points is pretty measley considering how many possessions the Giants had. Trouble is, there have been some games this year when the defensive playcalling has looked horrible. I know there is some blame to be directed somewhere (!), but it's tricky to find a consistent theme throughout the year.

Absolutely no excuse for the consistent failure on 4th & 1 and the clock management at the end of the first half though. Simply dreaful, inept and pathetic.

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