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Best Business Decision Arthur Blank Could Make...

lee sunset

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Move the team to Los Angeles and change the name. NFL wants a team there and he's not going to get the city of Atlanta to pay for a new stadium anytime soon, if ever - Atlanta is broke and, face it, does not have a good pro sports fan base. Art Modell had to move the Browns to Baltimore to get his new stadium - and a Super Bowl. Plus not being able to keep the Browns name was a blessing in disguise - it lifted the curse, which the Falcons seem to be.

The L.A. Stars could be a good name.

With all the Group 1 and Group 2 discussion I had suggested a move to L.A. for Group 3 agenda. In the short term Group 2 is the way to go - fire Mike Smith and coordinators. Plus it might be time to start shopping for a new QB...

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Anybody wanting move the team should go root for a other team FYI the Falcons aren't going anywhere so sunset put that in your pipe and smoke it

I do not want the team moved. I just suggested for consideration the best move AB could do is that - move the team to L.A. He would increase the franchise value and his importance within the league. After today he is going to lose even more season ticket holders in what is a mostly apathetic fan base.

Oh and thanks for not smoking.

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