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I'm Done


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Ok i'm done spending money on this team. I will always be a fan but they will get no more money out of me. I pay for the NFL package on directv every year just to watch them. i go to at least 1 game a year sometimes 3 or 4. i buy falcons merchandise all year long just for 2 points in a playoff game??? i was at the game today and it was just pathetic

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winning seasons and playoff appearances and NOW your done? with that being said though i think we have hit our ceiling and i do believe changes will be made to get to the next level. i've never bought into the whole "superbowl contender" thing the past couple years. we've never been a superbowl contender only had a sniff at it one time! but we do have the best foundation we've ever had and instead of being a flash in the pan team one year and suck the second, over hauling the team every couple years. if your out i understand, but me i will just remember '07 and smile at how far we have come.

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IF this same coaching staff is on board next season, I will not invest a dime in anything to do with this team. Being blown out of every post season game is too much.

Winning seasons are not Lombardi Trophies and they never will be.

Trade White for some Offensive Linemen and draft picks.

Time to rebuild.

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If this is seriously your low point as a fan, you must not have been a fan for very long lol

That said, this team has serious issues needing fixed.

i've actually been a fan for almost 20 years now. i've just reached my boiling point... maybe things will be better with no van gorder around

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I started being a fan in 86, not many would have survied that year

First time in Franchise history we go 4-0 and be 5-2 only to screw up and finish 7-8-1 to obviously miss the playoffs, that was a real introduction to being a Falcons fan

since your a newer fan how did you survive 99, 2003, 2005,2006 or 2007 those were horrible years this season was a masterpiece compared to those. Some fans just completely lack perspective.

do you realize half the teams in the NFL have NEVER won a superbowl? 4 teams have never even gotten to the SB. If your only measurement for a good season is a SB win then you need to just be a fans of whatever teams make the SB. Being an ATL sports fan is tough and if you can't hack it I'm sure the Boston area has room for another bandwagon fan for their city.

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