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The Apt Metaphor


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Their defense was the d1ck, and the space between McClure and Hawley was the vajayjay.

We couldn't throw deep because the line couldn't hold up long enough for Julio (honestly the only deep thread, Roddy hasn't been that type of player in a couple years) to get open against double coverage down the field, we couldn't throw over the middle because the wave of hands made any ball over the offensive line a potential batted interception, we couldn't run up the middle and didn't have anyone with the speed to go outside, and when we made it down the field a ways, we couldn't count on a whole six inches on a given play. We gave up literally every point we could have scored on offense because the offensive line was so purely and completely overmatched that we could not run any series of effective plays.

That's a talented defensive line, no doubt, but the Giants weren't this good at any point during the season. Guys that didn't have a sack all year, didn't make a single wave all year, dominated four quarters against us. This much is familiar, because we've been hearing it all year. It started in Chicago and it was the theme all year, us making no-name lines look good and good lines look unstoppable. Today we made a really good line look like LSU playing a non-conference opponent.

The worst prediction I made all year was that we'd pretty much be fine with whoever we put at RG. Not only were we not fine there, we're not fine anywhere on the line, and we're to the point where this is as good as we're going to get in the postseason without vast improvement in the interior offensive line.

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