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It Was Put Up Or Shut Up Time And The Offense Didnt Even Show Up!


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Ryan does not know how to scramble to pass, once he has to move that play is as good as dead.

Roddy dropped every other pass thrown his way.

Mularkey calls plays that run right into the teeth of the D in short yardage situations.

I have no faith this offense can do anything in the playoffs now, or in the future.

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It was put up or shut up time, and this team folded like a cheap suit.

I was amazed at the poor clock management at the end of the 1st half. There was no creativity with the defense or offense. The most radical thing we saw was a reversal on a kickoff well after the game was decided. Ryan stands on the sideline by himself in the 3rd with not a single coach in his ear, trying to get something going. I saw nothing different in the second half, meaning we didn't try to make any adjustments. Ryan held on to the ball to long and took no chances whatsoever. TG was a non factor. Did Harry Douglas even play?

I love this team. I've supported Ryan and Smith, but both were terrible in this game. This team has gotten worse with every playoff loss. I can't be happy with the 10-6 record or the playoff appearance when I see putrid play like that. This team needs winners, and right now all they have are mediocre players and a bunch of 2 and 3 tier players. That's it.

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