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Time For Sensory Deprivation Mode

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I have a commitment this afternoon that I can't get out of, so I won't be watching the game until 6 PM at least. In about an hour I have to go into full media blackout. This will be tough. I'll be driving, so there's the lure of the radio. I'll be in front of a computer, so there's the lure of NFL.com and this site. Finally, I have my phone.

I'm most sad that I won't be able to check in on the board and chatroom during the game. I've really enjoyed doing that all year.

So for my last post before the game, I just want to say GO FALCONS! Let's get out there and win one for the team, the coaches, the management, Arthur Blank, the city and the fans!

Oh, and also to shove it in the face of NY.


Edit: and yes, I will be wearing my Julio jersey to this meeting.

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