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It's Very Windy In Nyc

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I can't believe Brent isn't trying to play this game. I'm starting to get worried about his head getting swollen. Not sure if Miko has anything to do with that but she says some things at times that makes me wonder.

I hope the Wind helps as an extra defender. Eli is great at Deep passes. Horrible at Short Passes

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What do you mean you hope the wind helps? For one it's not that windy. and secondly even if it was it's their frigging home they are used to it!!!

That's like saying Chicago will be slowed down because of the messed up field they have at Soldier,

Snow is going to mess up the passing game for Green Bay/New England,

Bronco's are going to be physically drained playing at high altitude's in their OWN Stadium.

Use common sense.

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