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Hey Gritz......


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Dont post here alot but what I've seen from Gritz is always quality/funny or great artwork. Happy birthday lets get the W for you!!

Appreciate the kind words DBDW.....

Go Falcons!

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Happy BIrthday, Gritz, you old so and so!

Here's to you having a great day yesterday as an individual, and to an even better day for us all as a group. ROY ORBISON MOFO!!!!!!!! (still my background on my computer from when you drew it in 2010!)

Happy Birthday old man smile.png

Thanks Abe and X....2 of my homies and favorite posters.

We're getting this today or I'm punching a nun.

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Thanks BC and FalconinPA....I'm humbled by the birthday wishes and the quality of posters who are visiting this thread.

BC, I know you're a school teacher. You could take out the nun yourself.... smile.png

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Happy Birthday and I always enjoy your responses and artwork. Dude you are crazy and I think our boys will rise up today!!!

Thanks blkbigdog......and I feel the same way. I have a good feeling about today.

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Thanks for sharing

Always got an "A" in that in kindergarten.....It was during the ****ing Civil War so we had other issues to deal with but I got that A anyway.

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Happy Birthday Gritz!!! Today seems more like Christmas morning though, I feel like a kid that's having to wait until 1pm to open presents, hopefully us Falcons fans wont get a lump of coal in our playoff stockings today.


Yeah, it's kinda like a happy, anxious anticipation.

I believe the Falcons are ready for today. I detected a quite kind of resolve this week coming from our team.

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Gritz is so old,...he played college ball in a leather helmet.

He's so old,...his memory is in black and white.

He's so old,... Jurassic Park brought back memories.

He's so old,...he has an autographed bible.

He's so old,...he recalls when the Grand Canyon was a ditch.

He's so old,...he walked into an antique store and they kept him.

He's so old,...he was a waiter at the last supper.

He's so old,...he went blind and deaf from the big bang.

He is, however, not quite as old as me....unsure.png

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Happy Birthday Gritz!! smile.png

I bet this year went by as fast as the football season! I swear this world spins faster the older we get. lol

Anywhooo, at kickoff i will remember to raise a bottle of Bud to you.

Here's hoping our falcons can bring home a W for you on your B-day! Cheers!

Thanks Euphoria! Let's get that W for all of our birthdays!

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