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Afmb Fantasy Baseball League

Cable Guy

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There gonna be any open spots?

Not sure yet. I think that most everyone that played last year is still pretty active on the boards, but not sure if everyone will return or not. Once the invites are sent to the returning members, we'll have a better idea. Keep an eye on the fantasy football and gaming forum as we do the threads there once we get everything started. Everything should get started in the next week or two though. We had dropped from 12 teams to 10 teams last year and I personally liked 10 better considering all of the roster spots.....It actually left a little meat on the bone with the waiver wire.

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I would be very different from what I am used to, but I would be willing to give it a shot as long as we get guys that are committed.

Oh, got almost an entire league of knowledgable, committed guys. Do want to forewarn you that it's a $20-25 fee per year. Just ensures something like this will stay competitive.

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Hey Mook, I'm going to step out this season and give someone else a crack at it. I've got a ton going on right now so I think it might be best

Sounds good Cappy. Thanks for the heads up as I just sat down to type everything up for the PM's and thread. Appreciate you being a part of it over the years. cool.png


PM's have been sent out. Please check the thread in the fantasy football and gaming forum. There are a couple of questions in the thread that we need to discuss.

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