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The Pick: Giants

The Skinny: SI.com’s Chris Burke thinks the home crowd will be a factor.

The Quote: “The difference defensively is that the Giants do have a potentially game-changing pass rush. Ryan and his plethora of offensive weapons will put up some points, just as Manning’s loaded attack will. But the New York D-line and a charged-up Meadowlands crowd will be enough to move the G-men on to round two.”

Good thing Ryan likes to operate out of the hurry-up/no huddle offense to not allow the Giants to sub. Tired of hearing about this pass rush. 11 sacks in two games would be impressive if it werent against the Cowboys and Jets. RISE UP!

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I've listen to those who believe the Giants will win & they all are putting their eggs in one basket, What happens if the pass rush of the Giants doesn't get there? Smitty said this morning that we actually ended up number 4 in amount of sacks given up. That's obviously top 5 but what's more amazing was the 1st 3 weeks were horrible so to end up #4 means you've went almost sack free for most games. Being that getting to Matt Ryan seems to be their only plan, that tells me they don't have alot of confidence in the rest of the defense

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