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Yeah, Yeah, Roddy Led The League In Drops - But Did You Know


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We know Roddy had 15 official drops which led the league and we know that he led the league in passes not caught (80) - but did you know that is not the only area he ranked high in for the year. I think we should give our #1 receiver, who started horribly slow this year, a little appreciation for what he did and does bring to our team!

Roddy White's ranking in the following areas:


Ranked #1 in:

Receiving 1st downs (77) *tied with Calvin Johnson and Wes Welker for this spot

1st Down Catches on 3rd Down (29)

Target (# passes thrown to) (180)


Ranked in top 10 in:

Receptions (100) = 2nd in the NFL

Receptions inside the Opponents 20 (13) = 5th in the NFL (tied with Calvin Johnson for this spot)

Receptions inside the Opponents 10 (6) = 6th in the NFL (tied with several others)

Receiving Yards (1296) = 8th in the NFL

Receiving Yards per Game (81) = 9th in the NFL

1st Down catches on 3rd & >7yds (8) = 7th in the NFL

1st Down receptions on 3rd & <3yds (4) = 4th in the NFL

Receiving Touchdowns in 1st half (6) = 4th in the NFL (tied with Julio Jones, CJ, Steve Smith & Colston)


Ranked in top 15 in:

Receiving Touchdowns (8) = 11th in the NFL


Thanks Roddy, for all you do!

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Roddy and Julio are not a Batman and Robin Duo...with these two on the field at the same time, it's more like Batman and Batman. Roddy needs to focus and catch the balls that are thrown, but he is by no means a slouch.
I disagree with your choice of superhero comparison my fellow yet very disagreeable falcon fan! Batman is cold and depressing. I liken the duo of Roddy and Julio to Ironman and War Machine remember how they did that Russian cat and his Giant drones at the Iron Man 2?

Yep! Roddy= Iron Man

Julio = War Machine

Rise up! Let's Get it Falcons!

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I like Roddy but he's a volume receiver, he gets so many targets he's bound to put up some numbers. No knock on Roddy but I'm glad we have Julio though because of his breakaway speed and deep threat, Roddy doesn't really have that in his arsenal. Julio adds a new dimension to the Falcons offense.

Now, that it's the playoffs, Roddy can't afford to have those careless drops (he had a couple against the Bucs last Sunday as well).

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