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This Article, As Well As Espn, Disgusts Me

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I've tired of defending our fan base. I myself go to games, show up on time for KO, cheer obnoxiously, and look forward to every upcoming game. I do the same for the Braves. I've talked badly about the fans at the games who don't go for the game but for the social aspect, but to each his own. I simply don't care how the media and other cities perceive this city or the fans. What the media and other cities need to realize, is that there is a lot to do here other than watching pro sports (which is nothing but entertainment). I myself mountain bike, play golf and run a small company. These things along with my wife keep me occupied 95% of the time. Attending sporting events, about 2%, and the other 3% for down time. Maybe if I lived in crappy NY/NJ, I could over pay for everything, do nothing physical outdoors, be rude an insensitive like the other ugly people there, and live my vicariously through the NY pro teams. I think I'll keep things going the way they are now.

danggggggg lol

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Third, a lot of people in and around Atlanta just won't spend their money on a product if the ownership isn't willing to spend money to put a quality product on the field (Braves, Hawks, Thrashers), and honestly can you blame most people, especially in this economy. Some people have to make a choice between feeding their family or buying a ticket to a game. Others have to choose 1 sport to go watch over the other 3. Not everyone is as lucky as you to be able to afford to go see every team all year long regardless of how much the organization cares about putting quality players on the roster.

Sorry man - we didn't fully support the Braves in the late 90's when they were one of the top payrolls in baseball. I get it that the guy is generalizing in this article - and I'm not saying I agree with all of it. But the CORE of the article is Atlanta has terrible fans in general - I agree with. I'm not talking about every single fan - but the majority of fans SUCK. Just my opinion.

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