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I Hate The Media Talking Heads. Stats Are Wrong.

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Media talking heads (and some on this board) have been saying we need to depend on Michael Turner.

They use the stats like when turner gets over 100 yards or over 25 carries that the falcons win as proof. And when Ryan throws over 40 times we lose as proof....

But when you really think about it. When we get ahead we run the ball to kill to clock so of course Turner will get gaudy stats.

On the opposite note, if we have to throw at the end of the game to catch up (and the opponents know it...) of course matt ryan will have to throw for 40 plus times.

MM is ultra conservative and balanced there will never be proof that we can pass over 40 times and win cause we don't gameplan like that.

I don't mind MM getting a head coaching job elsewhere. I hope we get an exciting smart offensive coordinator who isn't afraid of letting ryan loose.

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