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What Is It With The Media Thinking Matt Can't Win With His Arm.


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So I was surfing around on profootballtalk.com and see the final power rankings. http://profootballtalk.nbcsports.com/2012/01/04/week-17-power-rankings-2/

7. Falcons (No. 9; 10-6): Quarterback Matt Ryan won’t be taken seriously until he wins a playoff game. He won’t win on Sunday if he tries too hard to win with his arm.

So It seems to me that one side of the mouth says he won't be taken seriously unless he wins in the playoffs, then the other side basically says he can't win a playoff game if he tries "too hard" with his arm.

Which is it?

What is the deal with so called analysts thinking that Matt isn't good enough to win with his arm?

Also I see on NFLN that other analysts say that the falcons can't win without Michael Turner going off.

I don't get it, I really don't.

It takes a team to win folks and yes QB is the most important position, but what in 4 years have we seen that suggests that Matt hasn't won with his arm?

What about basically the last half of the season when Turner wasn't going off for more than 100 yards for most of the that stretch and we still won with Matt at the helm.

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I don't think it's really about his arm, it's about his protection. We need to establish the running game to win on Sunday. I agree with that statement.

I agree with this. We have poor pass protection. When we get away from the run and try to get pass heavy - the line breaks down and we are in trouble.

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Haha agreed.

I do agree that the line isn't great a pass blocking, but when we go no huddle that doesn't seem to be as big a problem because Ryan controls the tempo and limits substitutions.

Actually, it's one of the reasons why the no huddle is so effective. Ryan can "tame" an aggressive defense in the no huddle. It helps with the limitations of our line.

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I think the Giants are going to come out early trying to stop the run. They think we are going to try to establish our running game to slow down their passrush. We need to open the game with a playaction deep bomb to Julio. It's going to be our best shot to have a protected pocket with them keying on the run. I don't see them selling out for the passrush until after they shutdown our run game.

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Matty needs to prove them wrong in playoffs...bottomline. If he beats the Giants and Packers then he would get respect. Until then he would be looked at as not coming through in playoff time. He needs to beat Eli on Sunday or else it will be another long offseason.

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