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Asante Samuel


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I have a question for you all. If the Eagles fail to trade Samuel and he just gets released, would you be willing to sign him and trade Robinson? This is assuming that we could do this for roughly what we currently pay Robinson or maybe slightly more. Since they're only a year apart in age, would you consider this a good move?

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The thing is that I really think they will have to release him. They don't have the money to pay him next year and have made it clear that they want to go with youth. They tried to unload him twice last year and I think that, by now, every team in the league realizes that if they are patient, the Eagles will just cut him. The only team that I can imagine actually trading for him is the Bucs since they have a lot of cap space and need secondary help, but I'm reaaaaaally hoping THAT doesn't happen.

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I actually don't dislike Robinson (love his hits), but I just think we're overpaying him for his skill set.

I do like DRob. I liked him when he came out. Always have. But he isn't good anymore. Especially not 6 years $57M good. He is marginally better than Owens and Owens won't be seeing even a $10MM contract any time soon.

DRob is robbing the Falcons blind. If he gave up 10 TDs a season but gave us 5-7 INTs and a TD or two a season as well, then I would be fine with him. But he doesn't. He gives up 10 TDs and gives us 1 INT.

His contract needs serious restructuring.

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