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Spoons Celebration

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Did anyone notice that during the Giants vs Cowboys game last week the sack by Giants middle linebacker Jacquian Williams? After the sack it looks like he does the Weatherspoon celebration. Its at the 1:36 mark in the video.


that celebration is every where. All teams do it - im not sure that Spoon started it. I've seen people do that for the past 2 seasons

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This has been around for quite a while guys, defensive players usually do it when they have a tackle for a loss, sack, etc. As in "I am eating them up".

However, Spoon's is a little more deliberate and slightly different and very fitting given his having "Spoon" in his name. So while I love that he does it and do not think that he is a "copycat" since spoon is in his name, he 100% was not the first defensive player to do this.

It gained popularity last season kind of like the whole "3 goggles" in NCAA and NBA.

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