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I say it all the time, do you remember where we were at 5 years ago. Bobby Petrino, Joey Harrington, E. Hartwell & Peerless Price, our face of the Atlanta Falcons was on TV everynight for something way other than football. This franchise was probally as low as you could be, Every so called "expert" predicted that we were headed for at least a decade of futility. Fast forward 4 years later & we now have the mentality that just making the playoffs isn't good enough we have at the least divisional round victory as the minimum. I love that, but i also stop every now & then to stop & smell the roses. Networks like ESPN should be doing 30 for 30 specials on this type of transformation. The only cure for not getting the respect this team deserves just for what they have done is to go out & make more history. Start with NY & don't stop until you've hoisted up enough trophys that respect is done without saying, but all the way along that path, stop & smell the success story that is The Atlanta Falcons

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