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Anybody Seen Our D-Line Run Stunts


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I've seen a lot of highlights on how the Giants D-Line run stunts. They'll line up with 4 D Ends. They will line up Paul on the inside and kick out to the tackle and guard then send Osi behind him on a delay.

I've havent seen our line do stunts. We line up in a vanilla base set and rush the passer. Seems like we don't do anything on the line to confuse the anybody's blocking scheme. To me this is another reason why we need a new defense scheme.

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Ive seen us run stunts thruout the year.

The big difference that the Giants have 4 DE's rushing when those happen most of the time to Osi, Tuck, JPP, and Kiwanuka use their speed... We might run a Stuck but its different between Tuck and JPP running a stunt then Abe and Corey Peters... The speed threat is not the same...

I dont get why we dont have a speed pass rushing package... Put Sidbury at LDE and move Ray Edwards inside on certain passrush packages

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If we haven’t seen the Edwards that had 16½ sacks the last two years in Minnesota, there are two good reasons: 1) The knee injury, which he said came from "the usual wear and tear." (He denied it had anything to do with his boxing exhibition during the lockout); 2) His transition to the Falcons’ scheme, which he termed "totally different" from the Vikings’.

Edwards rarely missed a defensive snap in Minnesota. He is used in a three-man, defensive-end rotation with the Falcons. The Vikings’ defensive scheme, he said, was more "straight forward." The Falcons tend to use more stunts up front.

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