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Anyone Going To Try And Go To Ny If That Is Where We End Up Next Week?

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Yeah I'll be there. Living in the Northeast I take every chance I can get to see the Birds, especially in the playoffs. I was there in 2003 when we beat the Giants after Vick broke his leg and the season was lost and Kittner pulled out the victory (I was one of the only Falcons fan in Giants stadium that day) and I was there the following year in 2004 when the Falcons were first in the division and there was about 400 Falcons fans in the stands (isn't it amazing how many more people show up to follow a team when they win a couple of games.....). I'm not really worrried about going to Giants stadium, I'm just very relieved it's not in Philly. I went to the game in Philly last year when we got blown out and ended up getting into a parking lot brawl and having beer spilled all over my Predator jersey. But I'll be back in Philly next year when we play them again :-)

If we can protect Ryan against the Giants front four we win by 10+, no question. Go Birds

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ticket prices absurd ..there are 4 tickets on stub hub lower end 143 for $340 a pop

plus deal with NY crowd ..even tho Giant franchise is a classy organization there crowd is rough ..

Yeah, I know I have been there before. After going to a few Eagles games, everything else is mild. Chicago has a very roudy crowd as well.

Hey man, let me know if you find good tickets and will be going. I am going to try to go to. We could hang out and tailgate .

Okay, I will

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