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Does Any Other Team In The League Waste Free Offsides Plays Like We Do

bdog 29

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Admit it, if you see that the defense jumps offsides when we're on offense you know Matt Ryan's going to throw a "screen" to Roddy White. Usually these plays go for at most 5 yards or so and we end up taking the penalty anyway.

I'm asking, no begging, Matt Ryan, Roddy White, Mularkey, Smith, whoever to do what every other team in the league does and run the play. Teams regularly just go deep on these plays be cause they know they're guaranteed 5 yards no matter what (I remember the Seahawks scored a TD on us this year on such a play). I'm all for being conservative when it's necessary but when you literally have nothing to lose and everything to gain, why not? At the least throwing not throwing that quick pass to Roddy won't open him up to an unnecessary hit.

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