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Just How Bad Is Our Ol?


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Football Outsiders does some interesting stuff and I don't pretend to understand it all. But I did find this quite interesting. http://www.footballo...rs.com/stats/ol This is their OL stats from 2011 up until week 16 and it's primarily looking at the run game. Now I do think there are some flaws with it, but one of the grips I've had is that if we want to be a run first team, we are very weak up the middle of the OL and we don't get much push. One of these charts shows that we actually run up the middle less often than the NFL average, and we are tied for 16th in percentage of runs up the middle which goes against a lot of the groupthink on this board. However, if you study the numbers, there is some ammo in here for Group 2 as well.

Anyway, some interesting stats that I see:

We are in a 3-way tie for the highest percentage of runs stuffed. We rank 32nd in the league in that category. Not good for a team with a run first philosophy.

We are 30th in the league in adjusted line yards (ALY). You can consider ALY to be like the RB's yards per carry only it's attributing the ypc's to the OL. It does not equal the RB's ypc because yardage is weighted on a couple of factors.

Our best ALY is running the ball at RT. Our worst, running outside on the right. Running at LT is our 2nd worst place to run (we rank 28th in ALY at LT).

We are 14th in number of rushes so far this year. Of the 13 teams above us in number of rushing attempts, 9 run up the middle at a higher percentage than we do.

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I think a lot of these numbers also depend on the running back. Obviously no back is going to have great success with a line that doesn't open up holes and get as good push, but Turner (imo) needs those things more than say a Foster, McCoy, or Forte.

Not disagreeing with you, even the outsiders say this....

However, it is important to understand that these ratings only somewhat separate the offensive line from the running backs. A team with a very good running back will appear higher no matter how bad their line, and a team with a great line with appear lower if the running back is terrible.

I don't think we have a terrible running back, but I do think we have a good one (not very good), and yet our ALY is only 30th in the league.

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I don't give the Pro Bowl a lot of merit... HOWEVER the main difference between last year and this year is the OL and we went from several Pro Bowlers on offense to one - even with the addition of Julio.


Pro bowl doesn't mean squat. You've got 50 players who are going to the pro bowl regardless of the year that they are having. Then the majority of the rest are coming from teams who have the best records that season. We got a few in that way last year when they probably shouldn't have gone.

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Svitek=backup OT

Blalock=legit starter

McClure=borderline starter

Hawley=backup OG

Clabo=borderline starter

And that seems to be the best the Falcons can put on the field on Sundays.

I would disagree slightly on Clabo, I think he's a legit starter at RT, not great, but starting quality. Spot on for the rest though.

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