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Sign Up For Group 1! Stay True! Don't Listen To Them Naysayers!


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My name is falken........and I'm a Falcoholic.

Sign me up.

(Proud to be a founding father)

Supes-We gotta pull Gritz away from the dark side. Maybe an intervention is in order?

Definitely need the serenity prayer with this team. Lord knows how many times I screamed "SERENITY NOW!" on Monday night...

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Well anyone who thinks we dont stand a chance in the playoffs obviously doesn't watch football. I can think of many teams who were never given a shot in the playoffs and won, off the top of my head: 01 pats, 07 giants, 05 steelers, 1990 giants, ect.. So for anyone to count us out already is quite ignorant

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Folks, we all witnessed that debacle shellacking beat down collapse EMBARRASSMENT last Monday night, and while after-shocks are still rumbling through the boards, it's time to pick ourselves up off the mat, dust ourselves off and get ready for a playoff run! IT AIN'T OVER TIL IT'S OVER, AND IT AIN'T OVER!

Group 1 ain't ready to fire nobody. We're gonna dance with them that brought us to the ho-down, give 'em our full and total support, and make some noise in the playoffs!

Group 1 believes that while the Saints are good, they ain't THAT good, and while our Birds played badly Monday night, they ain't THAT bad!

Group 1 believes that anything is possible in the NFL, especially in the postseason! Crazier thing have happened than the Falcons winning at least ONE playoff game! The NFL postseason history is chock-full of upsets galore! Who's to say we can't do it too?

Group 1 ascertains that this is all in fun, but there ain't no "Delayed Entry Program" for Group 1 like there is in Group 2. Some of them folks are like: "If we lose our first playoff game, I'll join Group 2." C'mon, man! Join Group 1 now and show some stones. Don't wait until after we shock the world!

Group 1 believes that a first-round playoff defeat of the Falcons could warrant some off season restructuring and rethinking of the direction our club is heading and that could happen regardless of what happens in the playoffs, but the bottom line, folks, is that IT AIN'T OVER YET and now is the time to RISE UP!

So, sign up, be counted, and above all,.....BE TRUE! cool.png (It's a Long Way to the Top!)

A message board civil war? You have to be fukn shytting me. Even for us this is absurd.

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I just got off the phone with the Netherlands and they said you are wrong.

Is that the country that gives out that Nobel Prize thing? I figure if I can broker peace between these 2 groups maybe I can score the Nobel Peace Prize. They give a fat check and some shiny medal thingy with it...

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