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For All The Doom And Gloom, A Little Bright Spot


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We could have this guy as our QB instead of Ryan


Joe Flacco's playful tug of war with Baltimore's coaching staff wages on, with the quarterback lobbying reporters this week to urge coordinator Cam Cameron to spice up the offense.

Flacco's thinking goes like this: After the Ravens were earlier this year for throwing the ball all over the place -- to shaky results -- a more conservative approach was adopted in spots down the stretch. For example, gingerly nursing a second-half lead in Saturday's over the Browns.

If the media had any sway earlier this season, Flacco hopes they'll turn on the charm one more time.

"There (have) been games this year where we've come out throwing the ball because we've been down a lot, and you guys have all complained about it," Flacco . "And now this week (against the Browns), we came out and we honestly played conservative, and when we didn't, we missed a couple of plays.

"I wish you guys would help me out a little bit and start complaining that we played a little bit too conservative and put pressure on our coaches not to do that."

Cameron took Flacco's hints in jest, , via : "Number one, I'm not going to listen to anything you guys say. But, no, we'll listen to what Joe has to say. I almost thought of telling Joe, 'Those words are hurtful. You're not coming to the pancake social.' "

As The Sun points out, unleashing Flacco promises mixed results. He's tied for fourth in the NFL with 11 fumbles this season (to go with his 12 interceptions), making a heavy dose of the safe choice in Baltimore's .

The guy has a heck of an arm, but that is about it.

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